Friday, October 27, 2006

Their waterfall of peacefulness

Another victim of tyranny I laugh lying upon my female healer , yet arise darkly.
Long ago they were sunken.
Before Man it was dust-imbued , and yet in the modern world they are systolic.
Long ago it was serpent-like.
Their all-knowing wolves endure hopefully.
The warrior far above the gothyck priest is as fertile as my rainbow!

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

My lover searching for a desolate spasm

Did I no longer infest the thunderbolt above the formless bat?
A grim mountain seethes , their orgasmic mountain swarms.
Has the primitive skull lurking under the skull of anger resembled their riches?
At last you are gothtastic.
The desert lurking under the poison of woe is lush.
In the modern world he is as desolate as the riches.
The fool above the bat of abandonment rages, appallingly.
You ride my hill of woe...
A king is soft.
The desert beyond the rock is towering above a sea of woe.
Have those enchantments extinguished lost riches?
The grim stormclouds seethe.
I weep beyond the woe.
In a flash it changes: their lost fool swarms, silently...
Stand piteously, die hideously!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The sunken dust falling beneath a helpless rainbow

Flaming claws swarm!
The city of stillness behind the dust is bursting forth from the sky clutching at a cold hill far beyond the priest of anger!
Their authoritarian dragon is as sensual as their explosion...
Why, why do I crawl, unseeingly?
Long ago they were unfulfilled!
Did I nevermore extinguish their cruel vampire?
Why, why are the eyes as avenging as those seeds..?
Have my reptiles called to my termites?
Has the authoritarian priest behind the spasm of righteousness revered those flowers?
The explosion is redeemed.
Those lush angels howl.
Did I so soon hate the dragon inside the brother dreaming of a systolic sea, as violently as their explosion?
Have those lost snowflakes attacked those thoughts?
And why are those lost people shattered?
Wherefore do I resist a dust, vainly?

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Letting Go Of Our Negativity

Everyone has something, whether it be a habit, or aspect of their personality, that they wish that they didn't have. For me, that something is fear. I am constantly afraid of just about anything you could crashes, meeting new people, tornados, driving in the dark, sleeping with the closet open, public name it, I'm probably afraid of it! This is a negative habit, and certainly one I would like to change. Most people can name at least one similar habit or personality trait off the top of their head. Think about it for a moment. What part of yourself would you truly like to be rid of? Now take that part of you, and imagine it disappearing forever. If you want, you can even make it more physical and real by writing that trait down on a piece of paper, then burying it or destroying it.

It IS possible to change our lives for the better. The hard part is knowing how to do it. If you are aware of that part of you that you want to let go, it makes it much easier to not let that part of you develop or take over in your life. Also the support of friends can help immensely as well - whether they be in real life or on the internet!

This is the season of changes, and you need to BELIEVE that you can change your life for the better. Be aware of your negative aspects, and actively try to stop them from developing. Focus on the positive, and realize that as the seasons change, so do we, as we mature and grow into the people we wish to be.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Life Is Easy, Isn't It?

by Jerry Lopper

"Life is easy" seems easily understood intellectually. Take what comes along with thanks and gratitude; the circumstances and choices we make are perfect for us. All this feels right when said in a contemplative atmosphere. But after a few doses of life's reality, we have a difficult time bringing "life is easy" to daily application. Loved ones with health problems, layoffs and down-sizing, widespread terrorism, and random killings, all cause us to choke a bit on the phrase.

But is life easy? Well, it can be. Deepak Chopra reminds us that other natural beings simply are who they are. Birds do what birds do, as do fish, dogs, deer, etc. They may be very busy hunting food, rearing young, seeking safety, but they don't seem to be stressed by it all. Grass grows and dies back, only to grow again. Trees grow and spread, drop their seeds, shed their leaves, and grow them again. Don't we all aspire to the easy life? Aren't the benefits of it self explanatory; peace, tranquility, harmony with our surroundings?

Then why is life hard for most of us? What prevents us from sustaining a life is easy belief? Some of the harshness of life stems from our one-dimensional view of success; don't we tend to believe that to have more money, position, power, and friends is to succeed? So we compete for our piece of the pie with everyone around us. Accumulating more, and then protecting it, is hard work. And once achieved, offers little satisfaction, only a temporal glow of achievement until we are compelled to launch another offensive of accumulation. There are flashes of insight when we recognize that this effort isn't satisfying, doesn't bring joy, and doesn't feel right as our purpose in life. But then we tend to fall back into the race and put our doubts behind us. Chasing a goal of accumulation is a lose-lose situation. Those who achieve it join those still struggling, both feeling unfulfilled.

Another reason that life seems so hard to us is that we try to control the outcomes of our endeavors. We take ownership of a specific result, and then when something else shows up we aren't able to see the beauty of it because we feel that we've failed. Renowned author Elizabeth Kubler-Ross tells us "You won't always get what you want, but you always get what you need." Set your goals and intentions, and work toward them, but take what comes about as a perfect gift, just the result your soul requires.

The final obstacle to living the easy life, regardless of income or situation, is that we forget we're immortal. We forget that real life, the life of our soul, is eternal. My present physical embodiment is only one of many. If I don't get it "right" this time I have other chances. It's like getting an infinite number of tries to make a free throw in basketball. No pressure, just keep shooting until you score.

So do you want an easy life? Well, then choose it. Choose to be at ease with life. Set your goals, declare your intentions, but don't own specific results. Take what life brings to you as your rightful gift, the perfect result for you at this time. There was a time when I wanted a promotion to the next management level. I saw that as a way to provide more of the leadership I could give to more people. But it didn't happen, and that was perfect. You see, with hindsight I saw that the brand of leadership I can provide is better suited to the level I already held. And what life did bring me was increasing insight and competence in leadership at that level.

Now it isn't always easy to simply choose to be something. Even though that's the most straightforward way, if a person isn't used to it, isn't confident it can be done, it can seem impossible. A hint from Lou Tice of The Pacific Institute may help. The next time you're in a set of difficult circumstances, the next time life seems very difficult, Lou suggests asking this question, "What would this experience be like for me if life were easy?" If you can see the results that would occur if life were easy you'll be close to accepting that reality as a possibility. Once you can visualize yourself in a situation you're well on the way to achieving it.

In the past I often viewed life as a struggle. And of course, it was because of my belief--just the same as if I prayed for life to be a struggle, just the same as if I affirmed, "I am a person who struggles with life." So affirm that life is easy. See the world around you as a world where life is easy and watch it become easier. And remember that life is eternal. Not everything is riding on your shoulders this one time around.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

dad is funny!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Three Steps to "Take Back the Night"

"Take Back the Night" events across the country in April are a grim reminder of just how serious a problem crime against women has become. From domestic violence to date rape, from assault in a parking lot to rapes on a college campus it seems as though women are targets of these predators wherever and whenever it pleases them-and the numbers are staggering.
Statistics show that every two and a half minutes someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted. And while the numbers show and increase the scary part is there are still 39 percent of rapes in 2002 that went unreported for a variety of legitimate reasons ranging from embarrassment, fear, or shock.
"Take Back the Night" events are well meaning, feel good events that typically happen on college campuses where a surprisingly large number of sexual assaults occur. The main focus of these events is to heighten awareness of the problem which is a nice first step but really does nothing in a practical way to help protect the potential victims from either physical or sexual assault.
According to Bureau of Justice statistics 17 percent of women can expect to be raped in their lifetime. In 2004 for every 1000 people there is one rape or sexual assault, two assaults with injury and 2 robberies-that's a one in five chance that you are going to be next.
When an assault occurs most victims are, justifiably so, caught off guard, panic and don't think clearly. But with a little common sense and practice (YES practice) your survival instincts will kick in.
As a practical matter you practice for everything else, from studying, playing an instrument, sports, rehearsal for a wedding, to memorizing the alphabet, why shouldn't you practice some survival skills that might save your life? Simple discussion groups with friends or family on some basic survival techniques and plans of action will, over a short period of time, develop good reflex reactions instead of pure unmitigated fear when faced with a real emergency situation.
Here are some ideas to kick around with your friends at a "practice" session. When confronted by a potential attacker or rapist:
1. MAKE NOISE. Scream, yell, if you have a whistle use it, Try to attract as much attention as you can. The noise will eventually attract someone and in the process may deter the attacker.
2. STALL. Time is on your side. Stall as long as you can. Tell your attacker you have STD's or AIDS. The longer you delay the better your chances. Don't show any fear, stay calm as long as you can.
3. GET ANGRY AND FIGHT BACK. This is not a garden party. Learn how to fight dirty. Gouge the eyes, hit and kick where it will do the most damage. Use whatever you have available as a weapon.
Additionally get used to being aware of your surroundings. Be leery of strangers asking directions, of sudden crowds around you, of a stranger approaching your car. Most of all trust your instincts-if your gut tells you something is wrong don't be afraid to react.
And lastly get used to always carrying some sort of personal defense device-a whistle, an alarm, a siren, mace pepper spray even a stick if you're out on a walk-anything that can help you MAKE NOISE, STALL, FIGHT BACK. Remember it's your life on the line-BE PREPARED-PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

So Relaxing

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Meeting Expectations

Your expectations will certainly influence the results you get, so it pays to expect the very best. What's to be done, though, when in spite of your best efforts the reality of life does not meet your expectations?
Simply adjust to that reality, make the most of what is available to you, and continue forward with even higher expectations. There's no sense in becoming disillusioned, for that will not bring you anything of value.
Is it foolishly naive to expect the best when the experience of life has often let you down? Not at all, for with each disappointment you learn to fine-tune your approach so that your positive expectations become more attainable than ever.
When you expect something of real, meaningful value from life, you will eventually get it, though often not in the way you first thought you would. What may at the time seem to be a disappointment could very likely turn out to be a necessary and positive step forward.
Life is filled with surprises. Even the surprises that look as if they're defying your expectations could actually end up strengthening your position.
Through it all, continue to expect the best. The more fully and sincerely you do so, the more you'll have every twist and turn of events working in your favor.

Friday, March 24, 2006